Striped Wallpaper

Striped Wallpaper

Our striped wallpaper is always a popular choice with our customers as it is always a safe and stylish choice of wallpaper pattern which never seems to go out of fashion. We have a wide range of striped patterns from 2,3 and 4 blocks of colour to the smaller pinstripe patterns.

striped wallpaper

Striped designs can work well in any area in the home and can look good alone or on a feature wall coordinating with some plain colour paper around the room. Some of our striped designs come with the adding attraction of having some metallic tones which embellish the paper and give it that shimmering effect. When we think of stripes we naturally think of vertical stripes which add a sense of height to a low ceiling room. However we also have a range of horizontal stripes which are wide blocks of colour and a great for creating an illusion of length and space in a room.

Choosing the right colour striped wallpaper

When it comes to choosing the right colour stripes our designers have done all the work for you. We have striped wallpaper to match any colour scheme. If you want to create a bold statement there are the large bar stripes in vibrant colours which bring you that funky design which is great for rooms where you want to add a bit of fun, maybe a children’s bedroom or utility room. Alternatively if you are looking for a more elegant look then why not choose a quieter stripe like beige and cream which are two colours which are perfectly balanced and give a feeling of warmth with an added bonus of being easy to get accessories. Be sure to check out our Bathroom wallpapers and Bedroom wallpaper ranges too.

We can finish without mentioning our gold and bronze striped wallpaper which has wide and narrow stripes the shimmering burnished gold and bronze tones are warm and glowing giving a sense of decadence to any room.

Take a look at our spectacular striped wallpaper collection in a variety of trendy colours whether you are looking for bold and subtle you’ll be surprised with our range.

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