Silver Wallpaper

Stunning Silver Wallpaper for that fashionable look

Silver wallpaper is definitely very trendy this year and is selling off our shelves as fast as it comes into stock. When we think of adding silver to our deco we are often looking for something neutral in colour that will match in with any style and our silver wallpapers do just that.

You would think that silver is silver however our designers have come up with a range of silver tones that will impress any palette. We have the most popular reflective shiny silver with gloss highlights but there is also the more dull grungy steel and the other end of the scale the brushed steel effect.

silver wallpaper

Creative ideas for silver paper

As silver is such a versatile colour it is excellent for lots of areas in the home. It can bring that cool and modern look in some rooms or it can looked ornate and glamorous in other rooms depending on how it is presented. With this in mind we have chosen designs and patterns which can bring differing aspects to different rooms. Be sure to check out our Floral wallpaper and Glitter wallpaper ranges too.

Our brushed steel effect paper has no defined pattern but creates that all over effect of something classy. It can be used in any room but is particularly effective used on wall opposite a source of natural light as it shimmers beautifully. If you are looking for a traditional look though you need to look at our textured damask floral prints which incorporate a silver background with inset black velvet floral swirls. One of our favourite designs though is our grungy steel effect silver wallpaper which is ideal for a young lads room adding that graffiti scruffy look.

Just take a look at our silver range and get inspired in planning your next DIY job.

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