Red Wallpaper

Keep that warm feeling this winter with our Red Wallpaper range.

If you are looking to create a warm and cosy feel to your room you must consider using red deco. We have often heard that red is the colour of passion and fire and our red wallpaper range will definitely get your blood pressure rising. Using red in your decorating you can create a powerful response it can be vibrant with energy or warm and exciting.

Our red colour palette spans a wide range of reds including pinkish raspberry reds, crimson reds, poppy red and Bordeaux red. Normally you need to take care with red as the shades need to be carefully matched with accessories however with our colour palette being so large you are sure to find the right tone to match your design.

red wallpaper

Our exclusive red wallpaper designs

We have a eclectic collection of red wallpaper designs which can add that special effect to any room in your home. If you are looking to created a sophisticated and classy look for a lounge then why not try a damask style of Bordeaux red set on a cream background with large flowing flamboyant classic swirls. Moreover some of these styles also come with a textured finish to add that touch of decadence. Alternatively if you want something plainer but warm why to try our poppy red stripes which are fantastic on feature walls or in bedrooms with gingham check accessories. However, if you would prefer something pretty why not go for our floral collection of red roses and tulips which will definitely stimulate your senses.
Currently you will find that there are a lot of red kitchen accessories on the market and we have taken this into account when we designed our red wallpaper range suitable for the kitchen these have red and white geometrical patterns giving you that clean fresh look. Be sure to check out our tree wallpaper and wallpaper direct wallpaper ranges too.

If you are looking for that something different in your decorating just browse through our range of red wallpapers you won’t be disappointed.

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