Purple Wallpaper

A touch of class with our regal Purple Wallpaper

Purple deco has recently taken a huge leap in the interior design world and you can find a variety of soft furnishings in a full palette range of purple shades in any high street retail store. Purple deco is very rich and certainly gives the impression of extravagance and luxury. Our regal purple wallpaper collection has an assortment of popular designs that can make any room trendy and fresh whilst at the same time giving you a feeling of warmth and homeliness. Our purple palette extends from soft lilacs through hyacinth and lavenders to the deeper aubergine and amethyst shades. There are so many different and contrasting shades so you can create two or three tone effect to any room.

purple wallpaper

Where does purple wallpaper look good?

Our collection of purple wallpaper can be adapted to any environment creating multiple effects across the home. Our contemporary designs have bold amethyst purple geometric shapes with soft lilac borders and backgrounds which have a touch of silver to add a reflective shimmer which is great in bathrooms and kitchens. More traditional damask patterns have deep plum background overlaid with gold leaf to bring that majestic and regal feeling to any living room. Alternatively if you are looking for the 1970s retro look we have a mauve flowing wavy stripe which will take you back a few decades. These designs are great if you want to make a bold statement in any living area. For the bedroom we have soft violet floral designs which have a calming effect making your room a haven of rest. Be sure to check out our silver wallpaper and striped wallpaper ranges too.

Whatever room you are decorating in the home you can think about adding our purple wallpapers. So why not take a look at our range of purple wallpapers you’ll be surprised what you can do.

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