Pink Wallpaper

Pink Wallpaper isn’t just for girls bedrooms

When we think of pink deco we immediately have a picture in our mind of a young girl’s bedroom filled with pink flowers and fairies however this thought has long become a very dated view. Indeed the pastel and candy shades of pink are ideal for a girl’s bedroom but when you think of the deeper fuchsia and coral pinks they have a warmth and sensuality which can bring a lift any room.

Our wide selection of pink wallpaper has designs from princesses to damask to dainty floral and even stars and stripes. We have pink wallpapers suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms in fact they will go in any room in your house. Be sure to check out our kitchen wallpaper and kids wallpaper ranges too.

pink wallpaper

Pink Wallpaper for any room

Our pink wallpaper designs come in a variety of shades of pink and sizes of print. We have pink designs which are suitable for a young girl’s bedrooms including ballerina prints, fairy prints and carousel prints. We also have designs of miniature roses in subtle pastel shades ideal for any bedroom. For the living room our pink fuchsia designs are very desirable and a must see as they add that touch of romance and playfulness to any space. Alternatively if you want a more old world look take a look at our dusky pink damask range.

We also have pink striped papers which have wide, bold pink stripes set on a contrasting pastel pink background this wallpaper adds a bit of fun and happiness to any environment. However if stripes are not for you why not take a look at our spotty polka dot pink wallpaper which is so trendy and so easy to find a variety of accessories.

If you are considering adding that touch of romance and playfulness to your environment then you just have to take a look at our rangel.

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