Green Wallpaper

Hang Green Wallpaper to bring the outside indoors.

If you want to bring the outside indoors then a good idea is to use green wallpaper. Green is often associated with nature, health and renewal so having it in your colour scheme in any room is refreshing. Green is also known to have a calming effect and also brings with it a sense of warmth and relaxation.

We have a large variety of green wallpapers that are flying off the shelf this summer. We are constantly updating our stock and bringing in new designs to give our customers more choice so if you don’t see one you like keep coming back as we are having new in weekly.

Green Wallpaper

Our Styles of Green Wallpaper

Our collection of green wallpaper comes in a variety of designs from small print designs to the more larger prints. We also have a large palette of green tones from the more vibrant lime or emerald green to more subtle pistachio and fern greens and even the darker shades of olive green and pine green. Be sure to check out our childrens wallpaper and glitter wallpaper ranges too.

There are plainer designs which have small, delicate patterns made up of different shades of green leaves these are ideal if you want something subtle to bring a feeling of nature inside. These wallpapers are also easy to match with corresponding soft furnishings as they come in a variety of shades which can compliment any colour scheme. We also have designs which are more intrusive for example our lime green stripe paper is currently very popular with our customers as lime green fashionable and has a wide range of accessories available.

If you would like to create that fresh and uplifting environment bringing the outdoors inside then why not take a look at our full range of green wallpapers.

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