Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Huge choices from Graham and Brown Wallpaper

If you are looking for a large variety of wallpaper why not check out Graham and Brown Wallpaper. They offer a range of wallpapers to suit any room in your home. The range includes geometric stripes and shapes, damask patterns, floral prints and metallic textures. They have a massive palette of colour designs with shades upon shades of each colour ranging from the more pastel shades to the most vibrant colours which means you will always find a wallpaper which matches your colour scheme.

Graham and Brown also have their own range of wallpaper which is modern, trendy and in high demand. The range matches their collections of fashionable soft furnishings which are designed by a team of worldwide designers.

Graham and brown wallpaper

The designers of Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Graham and Brown Wallpaper is the workmanship of some top renowned designers. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen is one of the main designers and his designs are stunning and romantic. The patterns Laurence has produced are swanky with elaborate detail and bold colours that add that exceptional look to any room. In contrast Julien Macdonald has designed a more glitzy range of wallpaper with detailed patterns which are packed with vibrant colours which can give your walls that knock out look. Kelly Hoppen has focussed her designs on making the home an inviting and comfortable haven of relaxation. She has created a collection of designs that can be used in any room in the home. The simple designs have a range of tones of colour and are excessive and magical however there are also some big and bold designs. Be sure to check out our black wallpaper and butterfly wallpaper ranges too.

If you are looking for some designer wallpaper from Graham and Brown wallpaper then browse in our range you will definitely be inspired.

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