Gold Wallpaper

Making a statement with gold wallpaper

If you are looking for versatile wallpaper which makes it easy to coordinate soft furnishings why not take a look at our gold wallpaper collection. The gold colour will add warmth to any room and catches the light well making it look very extravagant and luxurious. However the darker gold colours added to some of our designs create a more traditional effect making your room feel rich and elegant.

Our gold wallpapers come in a range of designs suitable for any room in your home whether you are looking to for smart modern designs or the more traditional design. The modern contemporary designs are sleek and elegant with the use of gold leaf to achieve that sought after up market image. We also have more traditional damask patterns which have a modern twist making the old look new. The patterns come in several sizes so they can be used in large open spaces or smaller cosy rooms. Where ever you choose to use our gold wallpapers you will always achieve that subtle effect of reflection giving you a variety of shades of colour on each wall. Be sure to take a look at our bathroom wallpaper and kitchen wallpaper ranges too.

Gold Wallpaper

Creating a trellis effect with gold wallpaper

Our top seller in our gold wallpaper range is the trellis effect wallpaper that has a warm cream background with a gilded gold trellis pattern on top which is very subtle but still shimmers with the light. This wallpaper is ideal for those unobtrusive walls such as alcoves as it accentuates the wall giving a impression of depth and distance. The effect is imperial and luxurious giving your room that touch of class and old world splendour. The wallpaper is a heavyweight vinyl which makes it look superior and adds to that luxurious look.

If you are looking for something classy and a bit different why not check out our range of gold wallpapers they are top class.

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