Designer Wallpaper

Beautiful designer wallpaper at an affordable price.

When you say the word “designer” then you automatically think of something special, unique and expensive however when it comes to our designer wallpaper we pride ourselves in bringing you exclusive, unique designs but at an affordable price. Our wallpapers have a repeating pattern which can be easily matched and avoid any waste which means that we can keep the cost low.

Whether you are looking to create a vintage shabby chic effect or achieve that more geometrical contemporary aspect, our designer wallpapers can give you the edge. Our vintage look wallpapers come in a variety of designs and bring a feeling of elegance and luxury making any room inviting. To achieve this effect we use high quality paper which is manufactured to the highest standard with hand printed designs and rich colour schemes. You might also enjoy our purple wallpaper and our Tree wallpaper.

designer wallpaper

Modern geometrical designer wallpaper

If you live in a modern home or apartment then you’ll be looking to achieve that minimalistic, clean looking aspect to your room and our designer wallpaper comes in a range of designs which can suit any room. The geometric designs have bold colours and lots of vertical and horizontal lines which achieve that futuristic impression which is ideal for the modern home. Many of our modern designs also come with metallic colours which add a touch of class to the 21st Century image.

Alternatively, take a look at our Art Deco style and be transported in time back to the 1930s with attractive chevrons and bold colours which are ideal for feature walls. From rectangles, hexagons and harlequins our geometrical designs are unique and use a range of colours which create an optical illusion of a three dimensional effect which will make your room the talk of your friends. Take a look at our range to get some inspiration on how you can achieve your desired effect.

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